Reading List

Primary Texts
Dan Farrel, The Inkblot Record, Coach House, 2000
Robert Fitterman Rob The Plagairist, Roof Books, 2009
Vanessa Place, Dies: A Sentence, Les Figues Press
Fitterman & Place, Notes on ConceptualismsUgly Duckling, 2009
Kim Rosenfeld, Revolutions, Les Figues, 2009
Kenneth Goldsmith, Fidget, Coach House, 2003 
Jen Bervin, NetsUgly Duckling Presse

Secondary Texts 
Darren Wershler, Tapework Foundary 
Darren Wershler & Bill Kennedy, Apostrophe
Dworkin, Craig, Parse
Laynie Browne, Daily Sonnets
derek beaulieu, How To Write
Judith Goldman, Vocodan
Steven Zultanski, Pad

On Conceptual Writing
Kenneth Goldsmith & Craig Dworkin, Against Expression: An Anthology Of Conceptual Writing
K. Silem Mohammad, On Conceptual Writing
Kenneth Goldsmith, Flarf is Dionysus, Conceptual Writing is Apollo
"                            " Sentences on Conceptual Writing  
on NoC Bomb 
on NoC Octopus Magazine

On Conceptual Poetry
U of Arizona Symposium Interviews with Susan Howe, Kenneth Goldsmith, Charles Bernstein, etc.
Book Forum on Conceptual Poetry
Marjorie Perloff on Conceptual Poetry: Old & New, Parkett 2006

Of Interest
Information as Material: The Black Page Exhibition