Sunday, September 12, 2010

Derek Beaulieu

Video via Helen. See her reading report on derek's Montreal reading.
Check out derek beaulieu's blog.
Read Greg Betts on Flatland.
Find out more about flatland, Information as Material, UK
Read excerpts here:
PDF of the whole book here:

Lemon Hound in Conversation with beaulieu
Lemon Hound On Reading the Newspaper
Lemon Hound on Flatland, Chains and How to Edit
Interview re: How To Write with derek and Helen Hajnoczky on Lemon Hound
Derek's artist statement & from Drunken Boat:
Artist’s Statement
And Then There Were None
Nothing Odd Can Last

derek beaulieu ’s five books of poetry all engage with textual production and the way that composition informs comprehension. His first book, with wax, was published by Coach House Books in 2003, and was followed-up by frogments from the frag pool: haiku after basho (Mercury Press, 2005) co-written with Gary Barwin and fractal economies (talonbooks, 2006). His most recent book is Silence(red fox press, 2009) a suite of non-semantic concrete poems.

beaulieu is also the author of three books of conceptual fiction; flatland (information as material, 2007 online here) and Local Colour (ntamo, 2008, online here). His collection of conceptual short fiction, How to Write, was published by talonbooks in 2010.

beaulieu is co-editor of the best-selling anthology Shift & Switch: new Canadian poetry. He has been editor of filling Station (1998-2001, 2004-2007), dANDelion (2001-2004) and endNote (2000-2002) magazines. His small press housepress (1997-2004) published over 250 publications and is now archived, in its entirely, at Simon Fraser University. He has lectured about small press, community and poetics in Canada, Scandinavia, the US and the UK. His artwork–which engages with text and readability–has been shown in group and solo exhibits internationally.

how to write:
excerpts here:

local colour:
excerpts here:

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