Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 2

Art: Ellen Gallery (Library Building) see: NELSON HENRICKS. TIME WILL HAVE PASSED. LE TEMPS AURA PASSÉ @ (meet Wednesday, September 21st at 4pm)
Art: Marcel Duchamp, Sol Lewitt also see Sol LeWitt's Autobiography, 1980
Inclass Writing: 
1. Describe/list the contents of a room
2. Ekphrasis and Conceptual Art
Discuss: Ubu Anthology Intro & 1-12, Jen Bervin, Nets (not in stock yet...)
Discuss: Retyping pieces
Start Reading Dies (to be discussed November 1st)
ASSIGNMENT #2 Erasure (to be discussed next week)

P.S. Why not contribute your own text to Concordia's Holzer inspired art project?

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